2017 Kia Soul - thrown rod

my car is knocking and I was told that I may have trown a rod.

I hope you are still within the 100K warranty.

as you can see below you are not alone. sorry.
kia has been having problems with them for years. there have been class action lawsuits and recalls on some years for their engines. unfortunately, your year is not one of them yet. if you get the vehicle fixed save your receipts in case there is a recall.

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Likely over-stated, but a problem in this area of the engine could cause a knock sound. The gasoline explosions which occur inside the engine push down on the pistons, and the force is transferred to the crankshaft via steel connecting rods. Those parts have to move in relationship to each other, so they all connected together using tight-fitting bearings. If the bearings wear & get too loose, too much play, the force of the pistons will cause the rods to knock against the piston or crankshaft, creating this sort sound.

The term “throwing a rod” is what happens when the mechanical connection between the rod and the piston or crankshaft completely fails. Usually when the happens the engine no longer runs.

Extended oil changes are sometimes the cause. How many miles between oil & filter changes for your car?

There was a software update for the 2.0 L engine in the 2017-2019 Soul to use the knock sensor to detect excessive rod bearing clearance. This is to warn the driver that the engine is failing so they should stop driving. Hyundai and Kia have engine bearing reliability problems.

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