Problem with temp gauge and AC

My son told me his 2016 Chevy truck temperature gauge and AC both just stopped working suddenly. The electric fan is running. I have done a little googling and found some mention of the temperature sensor being out? Anyone have a better explanation and location of said sensor? It makes sense to me, I am just not up to par on all the new electric gadgets/sensors on vehicles.

Temp gauge fails, so the computer turns off the AC to help prevent the truck from overheating since the computer no longer KNOWS what temp the truck is. Is the check engine light on? If it isn’t, it likely will be on very soon.

If you aren’t up to par on the electric gadgets and sensors, maybe let a pro handle this one?

I am not up to par as far as the location of the sensor. He has now told me the engine light has came on as well. I think the sensor is out.

One way to be more certain is to have your codes read for free at some auto parts store.


You’ll need to provide more information for anyone to provide that.

covers a lot of ground. Model and Engine would be helpful…

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After all of this, my son said it is still under warranty and has an appointment to take it to the shop in the morning. Don’t know why he didn’t just do that to begin with.