Problem with speedometer after installing an aftermarket radio

I installed a Sony XAV-100 in my Kia Rio 2013 but now my speedometer is doing this ---->( Can someone tell my how I can fix this please ?

I’ll state the obvious… remove the Sony.

The Android head unit is obviously interfering with the speedo signal. Is the Sony hooked onto the CANBus network? - can’t tell from the description on Amazon. If it is, you might try breaking only that 2-wire connection. The Sony won’t be able to read the car’s messages but maybe the speedo won’t be stupid. Another thought is the GPS antena or the WiFi or Bluetooth radios are interfering with the speedo signal. Shielding as much of the wires to the radio behind the dash with foil grounded to the car’s chassis might help.


There’s obviously a problem with the data connection that tells the radio how fast the car is going. The factory radio needs to know how fast the car is moving so it can maintain the proper volume.

Whether it’s an installation error or an incompatibility between the aftermarket radio and the car I can’t tell over the internet. But disconnecting the radio should cure the speedometer problem.

I have asked the Sony technical people about stuff like this associated w/Sony computers and they are usually pretty knowledgeable and helpful, and I generally get a quick response. Find your paperwork that came w/the radio, there should be an email address for technical questions about your radio you can email to Sony.