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"99 Taurus speedometer

My Grandaughter’s husband just HAD to install another radio and amp and speakers in his car. Now the speedometer won’t work. Does that car have a speedo cable or is it electronic? It is not digital.

Looks like the car could have either, depending on the transmission. At least that what the parts catalog I have access to now shows.

I’m not sure if Ford was doing this back in 99, but if the car originally had the premium sound system the Vehicle Speed Sensor may have had input to the radio to raise the volume according to speed. May have crossed a wire somewhere.

I don’t know how they went about wiring the radio up but the best move anymore is to buy the install kit that is available from parts houses and even Wal Mart. They’re make specific and allow an aftermarket radio to be plugged into the existing factory plugs without modification or problems.

Well, ok4450, it’s a little late for that now!! The best thing would have been to LEAVE IT ALONE1