Fix speedometer and stereo dock



i have a '97 mercury sable and i just got a new Sony InDash Player (CDXGT420IP) with a ipod cable runin from the back of the dock to the front in2 the glovebox that i got installed by circut city. i was sittin in my car in a parking lot and i had my key turned back so i could listen to music from my ipod through the cable and i turned the music up as loud as i usualy do when i am drivin and i have turned it up that loud b4 when i sit and hav my key turned back then all of a sudden the stereo turned off and wont go back on i tried pressin the restart button on it but it did nothin also right after that i tied startin my car and a little while latter i noticed my speedometer area didnt work i dont remember if the speedometer stoped working right after the dock stoped working but i drove to the gas station and then back to where i was sittin and turned off my car and back on and thats when i noticed the speedometer didnt work does any1 know what could be wrrong or how to fix it?



I would check the fuses. A high powered aftermarket stereo may draw enough current to blow the existing radio fuse. Check your owner’s manual for the location of the fuse panel.

Ed B.


Check your fuses. Sounds like the radio runs on the same fuse as the speedometer cluster and I suspect you will find a fuse that is visibly blown. First off, just try changing the fuse (but buy a couple)-- sometimes the fuses just get old and pop. What’s more likely the case is that your new radio draws too much electrical current for that fuse. The correct way to fix this would be to run a seperate wire for the radio either from a spare location in the fuse box or directly from the battery with an inline fuse, but I would heisitantly say that you are probably okay putting in the next higher rated fuse (if it’s a 10 amp fuse, you could put in a 15).

Also, if changing the fuse restores the speedometer, but not the radio, it could be the fuse on the radio itself. In this case, the problem would probably be some faulty wiring from the install.