Problem with S2000 headlight

I have a 2001 honda s2000. after the headlights have been on for about one minute, the right headlight turns off. if i turn the lights off and back on again real quick (or slow, whatever) both lights come on again.

but then, sure enough, after about one minute the right headlight goes out again. this happens 100% of the time, and never stays on for longer or shorter.

anyone know what this is?


Check the headlight relay.

If this vehicle has HID headlights, which I suspect it might, you may have a more significant problem. Check the relay first.

Likely a relay overheating or maybe a resetting circuit breaker. Having a wiring diagram would help., but I don’t have one and likely you don’t either. I might price out a new relay and if it is cheap buy one and try it. Maybe you can switch the left and right hand side relays if they are the same.

Have you checked if voltage and ground is still present at headlight when bulb goes off?

Have you left out any thing you have already tried?

Standard halogen light? or?

Which headlight goes out, the high beam, the low beam, or both beams? Does the car have DRL (Daytime Running Lamps), or not? If it has DRL lamps, and the low beam is affected, that could be a result of a fault in the DRL module. One headlight relay handles both sides, and both beams, with one contact.
Here is the wiring diagrams. The ones for the headlamps are down about 30 Figs. To view the diagram, click on ENLARGE, then press ctrl++ (on your pc keyboard) about ten (10) times; or, View and Zoom In about ten times: