Cigar lighter receptacle

Are the cigarette lighter adapters for electronics in the US (portable dvd player, garmin GPS, etc) compatible with european automobile cigarette lighters? (i.e. Denmark).

Cars all over the world run on the same 12 volt system. I don’t see why the adapters wouldn’t work in Denmark.

Voltage-wise they’re the same, but actually the receptacles are a little bit different as anyone who’s ever tried to replace the actual lighter part on a European car will tell you! However, I think that most of the electronic devices are spring loaded to fit in both, so it shouldn’t be an issue.


Great, thanks.

i used to have a 1980 grey market mercedes, and i can tell you that, yes they are a little different in size, and yes, most electronics are designed to work with both, but some are designed better than others. look for devices where the spring extends a little more outward. you’ll probably run into more devices loosing connection on rough rouads, etc.