Problem with engine dying on 2010 VW Jetta



My month old 2010 Jetta intermittantly stalls; then restarts after about 3 seconds after I gave it some gas. Took to dealer, of course it wouldn’t do it for them-they said the computer diagnostics showed there was never a problem.


It’s under warranty. Keep going back.


Any idea what’s causeing it? Is it dangerous to drive?


" It’s under warranty. Keep going back. "

And check out your states (are you US?) lemon laws. See below.


These intermittant problems are a pain. Is there any way to figure out the conditions that cause it? Cold? Hot? First thing in the morning? You may have to leave it with them overnight.

You also need to start documenting this in writing to both put the dealer on notice that you’re serious, and to get a record if a ‘lemon law’ needs to be used.


Good idea . . . thanks!