Jetta 2010 TDI

We purchased a 2010 Jetta TDI. It has been back for repairs 4 times for the same problem during the last 2 months. The check engine light comes on; the problem is related to the exhaust system or the exhaust gas recirculation system. Any others experiencing this problem?

4 times already?
You’ll want to head over to this website:
then find the number to your regional VW headquarters and call them. Let them(VW regional and the mechanics) know, nicely, your problems with the car, and you’ve read up on your state’s lemon law(if there is one) and are giving them one more try to fix the problem. They’ll either fix it right, or give you a new car when you take it back for the same problem again.

In some states, mine included, the Lemon Law gives the customer the option of receiving a full cash refund–including registration and other fees–instead of a replacement vehicle.

When someone is REALLY frustrated with a particular make of car and/or the dealership, it can sometimes be a good idea to just take the money and start fresh with another make and another dealership. Hopefully the OP’s state has such a clause in their Lemon Law.

Make sure you save all the paperwork that shows you had the car in for this problem. You will need it to prove the number of times you visited if you need to invoke the lemon law.

I see that now. Ohio has such a clause too:

If the manufacturer, its agent, or its authorized dealer is unable to conform the motor vehicle to any applicable express warranty by repairing or correcting any defect or condition that substantially impairs the use, safety, or value of the motor vehicle to the consumer after a reasonable number of repair attempts, the manufacturer shall, at the consumer’s option, and subject to division (D) of this section replace the motor vehicle with a new motor vehicle acceptable to the consumer or [i]accept return of the vehicle from the consumer and refund each of the following:

  1. The full purchase price including, but not limited to, charges for undercoating, transportation, and installed options;

  2. All collateral charges, including but not limited to, sales tax, license and registration fees, and similar government charges;

  3. All finance charges incurred by the consumer;

  4. All incidental damages, including any reasonable fees charged by the lender for making or canceling the loan.[/i]

Also, apologies to cheryl for not really answering your question, but this is pretty much your best course of action at this time.

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2010 Jetta TDI is a great car, be patient…

Hopefully, this thread will serve as a wake-up call to others who must be the first one on the block to have a new car model…Sometimes it pays to wait a year or two and see if reality can live up to the hype… The emissions controls installed on these engines is at the very limit of what today’s technology can provide…