Problem with 05 Mazda3 5door 2.3 liter

I have had the car for a year and have been doing the regular maintence, it is high milage at 87,000. It came with no papers, but I can assume it was driven hard. I do mostly city driving which is hard also. The problem is when the engine is cold it won’t go out of park unless I pump the brakes a few times. I can tell it is ready to go into gear because the brake pedal will go to the floor.

Does anyone have any ideas?

It sounds like the shift interlock–which is supposed to prevent you from shifting out of Park unless the brake pedal is depressed–is malfunctioning. This is a fairly cheap repair.

Ummmm…VDC is almost certainly right about the shift interlock switch.

But please do clarify about the brake pedal going to the floor - that is not supposed to happen at all, and if it does go to the floor then you shouldn’t drive until your brake system is inspected and repaired.