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PROBLEM RESOLVED. Brakes grinding, burning smell and rubbing noise while driving

Hello guys, here’s my problem. My front brakes started grinding over the weekend so I stopped driving as soon as i could (my job requires driving my car so couldn’t just stop immediately as recommended) got my new brake kit and changed everything myself (this was my first brake job ever doing I’ve watched it done but that’s about it) everything went surprisingly well (or so i thought) for being the first time I’ve done this but now the rubbing noise while driving at slower speeds and grinding while braking is still there and now there’s also a burning smell but it only seems to be coming from the passenger tire. Any ideas on what this could be? I need to get this fixed ASAP before i lose my job any advice is welcomed and greatly appreciated TIA

Edit: I apologize for not stating what type of vehicle it’s a 2004 Chevy Classic

Year , make and model would be helpful you know as well as miles but the prime suspect would be a sticking caliper, next most likely collapsing rubber brake hose, next would be a master cylinder but that would likely involve 2 wheels diagonally paired.

You don’t mention year/mileage of the vehicle.

But one thing to look for is collapsed brake hoses to the front calipers.

These hoses can break down internally where the rubber inside the hose acts as a check valve.

So, when the brake pedal is applied, the brakes function. But when the brake pedal is released, the rubber in the brake hose prevents the hydraulic pressure from being released. So it’s like the brake pedal is always being applied.

A quick way to check for this is, loosen a bleeder screw on a caliper and tighten it. Now pump the brake pedal a few times and then open the bleeder screw.

If brake fluid shoots out under pressure from the bleeder screw, it points to a problem with the rubber brake hose to the caliper.