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Just started popping noise

When backing up, stopping and then shifting into drive, there is a loud “Pop/Click” noise coming from the back end of my truck.

Any thoughts potentiall what it could be so I can be prepared when i go to the shop.


My 71 Dodge Tradesman van did this intermitently for a few months before the U-joint failed and left me stranded in rural southern Michigan. Turns out the U-joint was cracked and when you changed the direction of rotation it would go from seating one way to seating another.

Not saying that’s it for sure from the description, but that’s my 2 cents.

I just bet that the front yoke on the drive shaft needs lubed (the splined section). I have heard similar complaints about full size GM pickups for over 10 years. Give the TSB’s a look over and take your pick, some will say “normal” do not try and repair.