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2005 Avalanche - Front end noise

At abour 25,000 miles my truch begain making a popping noise when I turned either right or left. The dealer has replaced the inner fenders and the drive shaft twicw but the noiswe is continuing. Advise how to get corrected

Hello, sorry about the noise, I have a 04 1/2 ton avalanche, similar problem coming from the front end. A knocking, thunking noise on slightly bumpy roads and any turning to right or left. I took it to the dealer twice, they checked front end ,added shims the first time then replaced intermediate shaft whatever that means . Over the years and miles the noise has gotten steadily worse. Now the driver side wheel is out of alignment, may be related. I read a couple of articles about this and the problem may be the steering shaft? I do not want to go back to dealer due to the lame service personnel and incompetent mechanics. Please help?

The intermediate shaft is the steering shaft. I have an 07 Silverado Classic Z71 (50k miles) with the same problem. It pops when I go over the lip in my driveway to the road. Left and Right turns going down/up a hill. Possibly a strut mount? Chevy dealership replaced my intermediate shaft twice. I have had my cousin (certified mechanic) take it into his shop and check the CV joints, Ball joints, and Steering shaft, which all came back negative. Let me know if you find out anything please!