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Problem Changed the clock spring no horn or criuse

I changed the clock spring, all wires are hooked up and back in place. Still not working??? 97 f250 checked the fuses also

Have you checked for power? You need to get power to the devices and it appears power is not getting to the equipment.

Odds are this is wired the same as my 97 Explorer.

Voltage to the horn switch/CC buttons comes from from the horn relay.

The horn button or the "remote antitheft personality/RAP module grounds this voltage to close the relay & honk the horn.

Does the “remote anti theft/RAP module” honk
the horn when you lock/unlock the doors with your remote?

Voltage from the horn relay also powers the cruise control buttons.

On my Explorer the horn relay is powered from a fuse under the hood in the power distribution box.

A wiring diagram is your best friend on this.

BTW, on my ex the horn relay is also under the hood in the power dist box. Try swapping it with another relay.