Prius water pump/thermostat question

The mechanic says coolant is leaking around the water pump in my 2005 Prius. He wants $375 to change it and another $225 to change the thermostat at the same time. Is he gouging me?

Huh? Thought ur car was electric? Oh yay, it has a gas engine too. Any wp is hard to change on a OHC motor. It usually involves the timing belt. Does ur car need a tb service based on age/miles? So many Asian cars Need this 800 service at 6 yrs/100k miles. American car owners are. OT used to it. Yet.

Water pump price is ok but thermostat price seems a little high. Bear in mind you need a capable scan tool to work on the cooling system of this car, it’s not just nuts and bolts. Not just any shop can work on your car. Specialized tooling=increased repair costs. Still, the Prius is among Toyota’s most reliable and trouble free cars.

Also, call you dealer. I seem to remember a recall or campaign for water pump leakage on certain model year Priuses.

Thanks for your thoughts. You’re right about the recall. I got the pump replaced last November. But they tell me this care has TWO water pumps–an electric one (replaced due to recall) and a mechanical one (which is now leaking). The thermostat price seems high to me in light of the fact that they already have the car apart and have access to it. The part is only $24.95 online. So why are they asking for an additional $225? Is it really that much work to change it?

I was just told that my water pump is leaking and the price is $460 plus they say I should also have the coolant flushed a refilled for $170. Does the coolant really have to be done?

You might want to ask over at, they’ll be lots of folks there with experience on the Prius-specific issues you’re facing.

If the current coolant is under 5 years
then you could get it topped off, no flush.
It’s safest if the same type fluid is used.