Prius transaxle

update on our 2002 Prius with 145,000 miles. we took it to a Toyota dealer, describe the symptoms of jittery or vibratory sensation from stop to just moving. Their Prius repair fellow drove it with me in the parking lot, and stated that it was a transaxle problem.

Prior to this , our regular mechanic had his transmission fellow look at it. He took the transmission pan off and found debris consisting of brass filings, plastic bits, and other metals. The Prius technician at the Toyota dealer did the same and confirms the same. He says we need a replacement transaxle.

Here is our current quandaries and concerns.

1) Cost of a new transaxle is $3500.00 approx. One source of a used transaxle is $1050 from a Prius with 60,000miles (thru an on line source.

Would it be reasonable to go with the used transaxle, given the high mileage.

2) If we can’t get a used transaxle, we are not sure the cost of a new transaxle is worth it. If we decide to get a new car instead, what would be best to do with the Prius (?trade in, or what).

3) If we can get the car repaired, what other problems are common in this generation Prius that we may have to deal with?

4) Any other thoughts on this situation.

Thanks to all who reply.

Have you posted this over on a prius forum, like priuschat? At that age, I’d be concerned about something else big going after you put in a tranny, new or rebuilt. If you don’t fix it, you’d sell it for parts, check on Ebay and see if others have done that to get an estimate of value.

The used power divider (trans-axle) is your best bet. There may be a hefty installation charge, so make sure that’s pre-arranged before you spend your money…

If you trade it for a NEW Toyota product, the dealer will more than likely give you fair value for it as a trade-in. Otherwise, list it on craigslist as a parts car. Learn how to safely use Craigslist first…

The main power storage battery must be nearing the end of its useful life, a big ticket item…But with a new battery and tranny, you should be good for another 100K miles…

The key will be having the transmission properly installed. Be aware that salvage yard stuff always has the element of risk…Heavy impacts can cause hidden, internal damage…