Prius trade in

Our family has a 2008 Prius, that we bought new. (I know, big mistake… Live and learn) we own it outright and have been very happy with it. ( Aside from the kids not quite shutting the doors all the way and having to jump it regularly)We are seeking to trade it in because our family has now out grown it. We have 2 kids with plans for more. Our priorities have changed as well. Environmental impact and miles per gallon are still important but we would also like more space (but we dont want a huge vehicle either)and comfort. This car would be the new family car. Since we own outright and can’t afford another payment right now we are looking for something comparable in price range. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

The new Mazda CX-5 with the 2.5l Skyactiv engine would be worth a look, if it’s big enough.

But are you saying you’re buying used, and only have the trade in value of the Prius?

Stop by the local bookstore, pick up a Consumer Reports New Car Buyer’s Guide, and test drive the ones that look interesting to you.

How much to want for it?

Texases - yes we only have the money from sale of Prius to spend on the new vehicle. .

long prime - not sure yet. It is in good condition but a little stained up on the interior from the kiddos. 107,000 miles on it. No problems.

“Clean”, Edmunds says it’s worth about $9,000 trade-in, $10,000 private sale. What kind of a vehicle will work for you and the family (sedan? minivan?)

I think we are past Sedan in capacity needs. Thinking about a compact minivan, wagon, or cross over SUV. Other option is to sell hubby’s Tacoma S 5 and get a big truck with 4 doors.

If you have the base model without any options and around 70,000 miles, you could get about $11,000 in trade or $12,000 if you sell it yourself. Your family is a prime candidate for a minivan. You could trade even for a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan. You probably want power sliding side doors, and really want rear air conditioning. Having been in your shoes 10 years ago, we found those the most welcome features on our minivan. You could also get a similarly equipped 2007 Sienna with about 85,000 miles for about $600 more.

jts - it’s 107,000 miles.

Nothing beats a minivan in overall practicality.

You might squeeze in a Mazda 5 minivan (not the CX-5), but not much room to grow.

“…it’s 107,000 miles.”

OK, I see it now. Substitute the miles for the minivan and the Prius, and they will still be a wash. Just at a lower dollar value. The new comment wasn’t there when I started writing mine.

And a 2008 Mazda 5 Touring could be a good choice, too.