Keep the old or Buy new?

I have a 1994 Toyota Tacolma. It’s been a great car, but lately things are breaking on it right and left. I just finished replacing the muffler on it and it cost me 2000 dollars. Now the transmission is shot, and the shop tells me that the price tag is going to be around 6000 dollars. I’m torn, should I invest the money into my truck and hope nothing else breaks, or should I put that 6000 toward a new car?

$2,000 for a Toyota muffler? Did you get a second quote?

Given the vehicle’s age, consider a used transmission from a junk yard. You won’t save anything on the labor to install it, but the complete transmission should cost less than $1,000. Get a second quote before committing to this repair.

Did the muffler have gold in it? If the transmission will cast $6000, even with a second opinion, get a new truck. Just can’t see a tranny costing that.

Did the catalytic converter(s) need replaced along with the muffler/exhaust system? I assume you got it done at the dealership if this is the case. If not, what material did they use? Platinum?
$6000 is way too much for a transmission, unless it’s brand new.
Go back to the shop and ask for a ride on the mechanics boat, or if he’d at least buy you dinner after screwing you so bad on the mufflers.

I know 6 Grand is a lot of $$$. What is a reasonable price to replace the transmission? Should I go used or spring for a new one? What do you guys think?

A junkyard/salvage unit should run about $1500. Remanufactured/refurbished unit should be a little bit more, but no where near what the shop you’re at wants to charge

Get a used truck about 3 years old. You get new reliability without the inflated new price. And if it has a small but visible dent in it, you will probably save even more.

saturn3: Yikes, you need to get other estimates. I had a shifting problem on my98 mountaineer. The independant shop I used said a rebuilt tranny was needed. I then took it to the dealership where I purchased it. It was a plunger and worn spring .Soo a 2500 rebuild turned in to a $300 repair. Need to be careful.

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These prices/estimates all sound silly. Get a second estimate on the exhaust from someone who isn’t insane and get a used transmission from an auto recycler. It’s a Toyota so the used tranny will probably outlast the car.

 I am not a mechanic, but if I could fine just a few customers willing to pay those kinds of prices, I would become one really fast.

Unreal. Sorry you got taken on the muffler, but don’t dump another $6K into a tranny unless you want to hang onto it forever and run it into the ground (along with your checkbook!). Check around with other shops, if you really love the car and want to keep it, to see if a second or third opinion brings you a better deal. If not, I’d call it a day and sink your money into something newer. You should be able to get a good deal these days, with lots of dealers having trouble moving their trucks and SUVs because they aren’t the vehicles getting 35 MPG.

Those prices are stratospheric. I’d start by finding a new shop.

What, exactly, is wrong with the tranny? Properly treated a tranny should last the life of the vehicle.