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Possible trade in

I’m looking to possibly trade in my '16 Camry for a bigger vehicle. While I love Toyota’s reliability, anything larger in the Toyota family is out if my current budget. Any recommendations on something spacious that will hold its value for years to come?

We answer questions… not make predictions! :wink:

Depends on what you mean by “spacious” Do you want a larger car? Of an SUV with a third row seating? Or a 4 door truck that seats 6? Or a minivan?
Post back with a few more details.

BTW, You DO know you are going to take a beating on the trade-in of your 1 year old Camry, right?

Out of your budget. Well, I don’t see how anyone can help you make a choice that isn’t going to cost you a lot of money.


yes, treading in a 1-2 year old car will cost you lots of money.

I think I see why they’re out of your budget. Trading in a car that’s only a year or two old is a rich person’s game. The rest of us schlubs can’t afford the massive financial hit. You’re going to take a huge bath on this no matter what.

Trading a one year old car is a very bad idea, as pointed out. A friend with a back problem ended up doing this and took a real licking.

A Toyota Avalon has more space inside and a better ride.

Sheer space can be had in any full size minivan. A two year old Dodge Grand caravan can be had for a good price.

This is a tricky one. Pretty much all of the top vehicles for resale value are Toyotas and you have discounted them. The 4Runner and Tacoma are the top two on most lits. Jeep Wranglers hold value well (despite Jeeps quality record). Good luck. You’re going to get killed on the devaluation by trading in a 1 year old vehicle.

I can’t imagine where this would make much sense financially.

Be that as it may… consider your needs for a vehicle for both the present and years to come in terms of space, features, etc. If it were me… I’d make darn sure that the Camry just wouldn’t work, given the financial hit you’d be about to take.

Good luck.

Thanks everyone

Can you tell us in what specific ways your 2016 Camry isn’t big enough?

front seat?

back seat?

cargo volume?

Yeah I have 3 kids in car seats and am often responsible for 2 more. Just need more seating. I know I’ll take a hit financially, but trying to determine if there’s anything out there that might be worth the hit. I prefer SUVs, but am open to minivan suggestions.

You need a minivan, not a SUV. We got by with 3 small children in a Taurus for about a year, but moved into a minivan. There was enough room for all 5 of us and plenty of cargo. The best thing was that the kids were unable to grab each other when strapped into their child seats. You can’t handle even 4 in the Camry since one would have to sit in front. That means two adults and two trips when you have all 5 kids.

Well, you need to change that thought. A mini-van with lower floor, sliding doors and car like driving is the only way to go in your situation.


Don’t be like the rest of the folks out there who still buy based on the old belief that the car will only be good for about 100 K miles. Today’s vehicles, as I’m sure you know since you’ve got a Camry, last for well over 200 thousand miles. Easily! Why buy new? The minute you drive it out of the dealer’s lot, the price drops 20% or more, even if you turn right around and say you changed your mind.
I bought my first “new-used” in 1997. It was 1996 Ford Escort that had 18 thousand miles on it and was still covered under the same warranty as if new. I never had one problem with it, though back then the cars didn’t last like today’s do. Since that time, I have done the same thing over and over again with everything from Chryslers to Camrys, and I have never once been sorry. That Escort cost me $8,900 at one year old and would have been $14,000 to $14,500 if I’d bought it new and the new one would not have lasted any longer or been nay better. I saved over five grand on that and have been saving ever since.
The only cars I would not buy used are muscle cars. The only reason is that whoever had it previously, especially if it’s a “young person’s” type of vehicle, probably beat the hell out of it and may have done serious damage without it showing up yet. Save yourself some time and money and buy a pre-owned Toyota. If you’re looking for bigger I’m sure there’s a few out there. Do some homework first to get the real prices and shop around VERY PATIENTLY! If you rush you’re going to buy emotionally rather than logically and that too can cost you. Even though the dealer says he “can’t promise that car will be there tomorrow,” and he will say that, don’t buy the first thing that looks good. There’s lots more where that came from. Shop around. Be patient. Besides, any dealer that does that hard-sell is either really hungry, therefore likely to overcharge, or the place has a bad rep and can’t sell anything to the locals. And it helps to bring a friend who isn’t involved in the purchase. He, or she, can act as a buffer, and keep his head screwed on tightly during the times yours might not be.
Good luck and have fun!

That has absolutely nothing to do with the OP’s problem…They have too many car seats to fit into a Sedan

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