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Prius Spark Plugs

I have 2004 Prius with 80,000 miles. Recently cylinder #4 coil went bad. Dealer recommended that I change all the spark plugs at the same time ($62.00 for plugs and $165.00 for labor). I had the job done. Did I need to replace plugs or did I get talked into unneeded service?


spark plugs due at 120k according to maintenance schedule. so did #4 coil go bad, or did #4 plug come out taking the coil with it? If that’s the case, then yes replace all 4 plugs at same time. They will all have the same wear that way.

It was wise to go ahead and replace all the plugs at 80K miles. You weren’t taken.

While I agree the spark plugs should have been replaced, I’m a bit surprised at the cost.

I recently replaced the spark plugs in one of my cars. It has a 4-cylinder engine, like your Prius. I paid $12.68 for four spark plugs and it took me about a half hour to install them.

But then, you were at a Toyota dealer, and it is a Prius.

You didn’t mention the coil. How much was that?

Coil was covered by extended warranty.

“I paid $12.68 for four spark plugs”

Were they platinum or palladium plugs that can last 120K miles?