Prius little battery died after nap/tightening gas caps can save $

Hi guys, I love your show. I have a 2002 Prius (194,000 miles) which I love even more.

2 things:

1) I wonder if the lady from Vermont (May 16, 2009) drained her old-fashioned battery by not opening the driver’s door before her nap? The headlights may have stayed on. Half an hour seems kind of a short time - but who knows.

My sister-in-law was crowded on the driver’s side in her garage one time, and crawled out the passenger door of her Prius. Next day her battery was dead. The auto idiot proof headlight turner-offer had not been activated.

(1A: Last June, like an idiot, I left my car in NEUTRAL while I napped on a VERY hot day, with air on. It drained the BIG battery; I was towed, etc. etc., and felt glad to escape with only $250 to re-charge the hybrid battery. Now I nap in PARK if the engine is running. But that’s un-related.)

2) Last fall the engine light and major warning light, the works, came on, so I drove to the dealer. They said it MIGHT need a new gas tank. What did I know. I got one ($1K). A week later the light came on again - this time, maybe I needed a new computer. Argh! My brother called about something else, and I mentioned my problem. He said, “Have you tried tightening the gas cap?” I tried that, and it has been fine since!!!

Again, thanks for your fabulous show! Great mixture of truth and humor.

best wishes from Marian from the Philly area (went to school in Boston area)