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2002 Toyota Prius- Car won't start

Yesterday, our Prius would not start up. When we turned the ignition on the display lights illuminated like they should, but when we cranked it absolutely nothing.

Today we tried to jump start the battery with a portable jumper, but still nothing. Then we tried to jump it with another car…still nothing. The display lights did not even come on. Needless to say, we can’t even get the car into neutral.

So our car is stranded down the street…and we are wondering if you might have an idea or two about some troubleshooting we can do.

We are thinking about replacing the 12v battery ( I found one at a dealership for about $139.00).

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Thank you,


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The symptoms you describe in your first paragraph sound like a dead, or near-dead, battery. The fact that the display lights no longer come on worries me. You didn’t reverse the polarity when you tried to jump-start from another car, did you?

No we did not reverse the polarity. Their was no juice even before we applied the jumpers.

to get your Prius in neutral with no power or key theres a button (of sorts) on the lower left side of your steering wheel press the that in and you have will be able to change gears🖤

10yr old thread? argh

I would hope the person who started this 10 years ago has gotten the vehicle started by now.