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Big mystery

I recently bought a pre-owned certified 2004 Prius from a dealer in NYS. The car had approx.68k miles on it. I purchased an extended warranty as well. (good thing i did!) Since I’ve had the car (less than two months), it’s had to be towed to the dealer twice. The first time, the battery was replaced. I was told it had been the original battery but when I checked the carfax report learned that the battery had been changed at 62k! The second time, after keeping it for almost a week, I was told they checked everything and nothing was wrong. I read nothing but good things about the long term performance of this car. Is there such a thing as a lemon?? Any ideas, assuming that it’s not me leaving on lights, etc. (which they’re trying to make me believe it is). Thanks much.

We need to know what was wrong both times,turn key and nothing or turn over but will not start?

obvious question…which battery?

not the main battery - I guess it’s called the auxiliary battery?

The aux battery is low capacity, 12 volts and is located just behind the right rear wheel in the hatch. you can see it easily by lfting the insert under the rear mat and cover. It will need periodic replacement as will conventional car batteries. If the original owner ran it down several times, it would need early replacement, and if he did, he probably did the same to the repacement.

Check to see if there is a load on the battery when the engine is off and all lights/accessories are off. This is done by disconnecting one of the battery leads (I use the negative) and connecting an amp meter in series with the cable and the battery. Make sure your meter is fused:) Most vehicles should have less than 2mA of current with nothing on. If there is a load on the battery, then that is what is running it down. The next trick is figuring out what it is.

Thanks for the info.

sounds like a good thing. thanks.