Prius In The Winter

I am considering buying a Prius. I live in Chicago (in the city proper). While our streets are usually salted to near death the alleys can get quite icy and rutted.

I was wondering of anyone has any experience with how this car performs in the ice and snow.


I lived in Omaha, Nebraska and purchased my first 2004 Toyota Prius in November 2003. I had no issues with it. I January 2007 I traded it in for a 2007 Prius. The only thing you will see is a decrees in gas milage in the winter, because the ice needs to run longer to keep you warm.

No one seems to be reporting problems with it and owners that do report seem to all say it is OK. If you are worried, I would suggest getting real winter tyres, not all season, and put them on for the winter. That will reduce mileage a little, but that will be reduced due to the winter weather any way.

I had no issues with it. I January 2007 I traded it in for a 2007 Prius.

Why you trade in a car that was only 4 years old?? Was there a problem with it?? And if there was…then why did you buy another Prius???

My neighbor has one and hasn’t had any problems in the snow here in NH.

Thanks to all, it was my first post (should I smoke a cigarette now?) and everyone was very helpful.

I had an 05 Prius, I live in Oregon where there is occassional bad weather. It performed pretty well but had troubles in high wind. Nothing major but I could feel the wind blowing the car and had to pay a little more attention to keep it on the road.

I just asked a coworker that has a Prius what his thoughts were about driving this car in the snow since we just got 6" of the stuff. He said that he noticed that the low rolling resistant tires were lousy in snow. And this caused the ABS/Traction Control to engage frequently. Which it’s supposed to do under these conditions. But he said he’d feel more comfortable driving the vehicle if it had better traction. So he’s having a set of snow tires put on this weekend.