Prius in the snow

I’m thinking about purchasing a Prius and also likely going to be making a move to Minnesota around the same time . . . does anybody have any information on how this car performs up North?

There was a thread on this very topic a few months ago, and it was stated that there is an issue with the traction control system on the Prius not working very well. However, no matter what make of car you buy, be sure to get a set of winter (NOT all-season) tires mounted on their own steel wheels.

Agree; the type of tires are the most important, and today’s winter tires (not Performance winter tires) are awesome in their grip. I know many people in the snow belt, and none seem to have problems with their Priuses.

No reason to avoid it based on snow or cold. The Prius will hand it as well as most any car. While as noted the traction control system does not seem to add much, most cars don’t have it anyway. Real winter tyres is the real thing you want.

Thanks everybody for your thoughts; I found the thread from last month in this regard. Now another question: how much gas mileage do you lose when you turn on the heat? Lots of short drives in a cold city will have me with the heat on full blast for much of my driving life . . .

This board is great for general car questions however for real specifics and a “cult car” I would try a Prius specific board.

You will lose “quite bit” since the engine has to be running to supply heat. Similar city driving in the summer gives better than highway mileage since you run mostly on the battery. Previous thread concluded that long cold winters affected you gas mileage significantly.