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Prius Headlamp Failure in 2006/07 models

It seems thousands of 2006 and some 2007 Prius owners are suffering failing headlamps at an alarming rate. Dealerships want to charge $300 and more to replace each one. This is a safety issue, not the result of normal wear and tear, but Toyota is not offering to cover the costs or offer an alternative form of lighting in the affected models. 2006/07 Priuses use HID-type headlamps. What’s your opinion?

I have a 2007 Prius with HID headlights. My only complaint is that I don’t like the pattern they throw on a white wall (my garage door).

As for the cost of replacing a Prius HID bulb, since when were car dealer service centers competitive with market prices? I see them pretending to compete on tire prices, but not really.

Search for B002GZ70LY on You’ll find a pair of what I believe to be Prius-compatible HID bulbs for $95. There are cheaper bulbs on eBay but I have my suspicions as to their quality.

That’s Just One Reason I’d Never Buy A Prius.

To David Kelly: please go out to your Prius and try to access the “bulb”. Then let me know how successful you are. Further, had you done your research, you would know that the issue is not a “bulb” but a “ballast” that seems to be the poorly-designed part.

To “Common Sense Answer”: that’s the least “common sense answer” anyone could post. I’ll bet you also believe Obama wasn’t born in the United States and that “death panels” really do exist.

Uh, Judson, You Asked For An Opinion And That’s What I Gave You. Do Me A Favor. Next Time, Don’t Ask.

You asked, “What’s your opinion?

I agree about this being a safety issue and lots of people are spending lots of money on this problem.

I have always had this habit of not supporting products or manufacturers who don’t stand behind products that have design defects. This goes for cars, washing machines, TVs, etcetera. I have written off one car manufacturer and one TV manufacturer for this type of “service”.

When one screws up, one should admit it and take responsibility.

What in the world are you talking about, man? What do Obama and death panels have in common with the Prius?

Right now, they’ve got you. I’m trying to tell you that on your next purchase, maybe you should make a better choice. You can learn from mistakes, can’t you? Vote with your wallet! Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Good Day!