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Prius fill up

I have a 2008 Prius, and on 2 occasions the tank failed to let us pump it full of fuel. I know that we aren’t getting 71 mpg!! Has anyone else had this problem? Is it a vapor lock?

Forget vapor lock. That was yesteryear! How much less than full is it not letting you fill? (That’s convoluted, isn’t it?) It can be several things: The fill rate of the station is too high (Squeeze the nozzle handle less.). The tank fill pipe and hose are under-size. The tank vent valve isn’t venting (internally). Warranty covered, no?

As hellokit implied, since this is a new vehicle, the problem should be covered under warranty. Assuming that the situation did not have to do with just one specific gas pump at one gas station, this is likely to be related to the car’s evaporative emissions system. Take it to the dealership for repair under the terms of the warranty.

Are you in the habit of topping off the tank when you fill it? Take a good look at your owner’s manual and the stickers on the gas fill cover and other places. I suspect you will find a warning not to top off the tank. (Stop filling when it clicks off the first time!) This can damage the vapor recovery system and you could need a new charcoal canister.

If you damaged it by topping off, it will not be covered under warranty. If you have not been topping it off and if it is your car (not the station’s pump) it should be covered under warranty.