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Refueling a Prius

The gas tank on my Prius frequently causes gas to escape when I am refueling. I have stopped using the auto-hold lever on gas nozzles and pump very slowly. Sometimes it runs out after I remove the nozzle and sometimes it spurts out while the nozzle is still inserted. The nozzle is not partially inserted. Why is it doing this? What can I do about it?

Does this happen at just one gas station, or at more than one? If you refuel at only one station, try another one to see if it’s just the pumps at your regular station.

There may be a problem with the vapor recovery system. I’d have this looked at by a Toyota dealer. Fuel spurting from the tank is not good, and potentially very dangerous.

Have you or a prior owner been in the habit of topping off the tank when you fill it up? If so that could be the cause. If you check the owner’s manual and look at the stickers in the glove box or under the filler cover, you will find Toyota warns against topping off the tank. What you describe is the result of not following those instructions. I clogs up the charcoal filter in the vapor recovery system. $100 + repair. Don’t assume that is your problem, there are other things than can cause it like a problem with the pump at a specific fuel station.

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