Prius beeping in reverse

Re; Rochelle’s call: you CAN get this beeping disconnected (tho hers did sound sick). The dealer told me it was a safety feature (2006)- but not inside the car! They said it was to make sure I knew I had my car turned on - well, if I don’t know that, they should take away my license. Howere, you do have to get them to call Toyota HQ to fax them special instructions to disconnect it. Marietta Toyota was fab!

Here is how you get rid of that loud beep (inside) a Prius.
Disabling Reverse Beep
? Press and hold the brake pedal.
? Power on the car, Cycle ODO/TRIP, stopping on ODO, Power off the car.
? Power on, within 6 seconds, hold ODO for at least 10 seconds.
? While still holding ODO shift into Reverse and back into Park.
? b-on shows on odometer display, press ODO to cycle to “b-off”. Done.
(This also works for the seatbelt beep, replace shifting with buckling/un-buckling)