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Prius battery - the "regular" not drive train, kind

My neighborhood Midas dealer says he thinks Prius battery is a “dealer only” battery (at $209+tax!)Just called Toyota service here and they say they’re “not sure”. WHAT?

It is a “proprietary” (special) battery but there is a standard size replacement battery that with a slight modification to the hold-down, can be made to fit…You will probably have to change the terminal connectors too…Check a “Prius” forum for the details…

Don’t use this dealer. If they don’t know the answer to this simple question, I wouln’t trust them with any kind of service.

Totally agree with Caddyman’s response.

Yes, it’s a special battery, quite a bit smaller than a regular car battery. We had to get one from our dealer too.

Ditto. Dealer only.