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Prius 2007 climate control

Hi Car Talkers!

I have a question about my Prius. Yesterday I turned the heat off while driving to work. Later (long commute in Chicago,) I turned it back on and nothing happened. I thought I heard a click under the dash each time I tried to turn the heat on. I tried different options and settings (high, low, defrost, etc.) Nothing made a difference. I resigned myself to no heat (luckily a warm day,) and must have left the heater in “on” position, because about a half an hour later it just came on! Since then it has worked, but obviously there is something wrong. It has 89,357 miles on it. I bought it new and this is the first mechanical issue of any kind. Just tires and stuff. Any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

You can check and see if there is a relay for the heater circuit, usually located in the fuse box, probably included in the manual information, if warranty repairs are not an option.

Bill Gates taught me a solution to a lot of such problems with the Prius. After all a Prius is a computer with an engine.
I use control, alt, delete. Shut it down, wait about a minute, then start it again. It is amazing just how many things that fixes.


I believe your problem is with the fan motor. It sounds like it got stuck due to a bad winding. You must have hit a bump or enough bumps to get the motor to move off of the bad winding and start spinning again.

If it hppens again you should try hitting or kicking the blower motor. I believe it is located under the passenger side glove compartment.