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Heater Problem! {?}

why wont my heater turn off? It seems to have no power but somehow it stays on. Wat could be the cause? Thank you

Are you talking about the heater FAN?? If so they are designed to run on low speed even when switched to OFF position.

hey thanks for da response. and to answer your question,the heater doesnt turn off n the car, when i turn the car on it comes on too. but it blows air through the bottom down by my feet! it wont turn off no matter what i do. i accidentally knocked the rearview off and the wires that were connected to it for light, they touched and the ac just went off to where i cant do nothin with it. its jus stuck on!

Some blower speed control systems use a solid state controller to change the blower speed. They can sometimes short to power which causes the blower to run at full speed. If that is what is happening then I recommend you check the speed controller unit. You can find it by following the wires back from the blower. They will connect to the speed control unit.

If you can’t control the venting then you need to check the HVAC control system. The wire problem may have damaged the electronic controller by spikes in the power.