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Forester & Climate Control

We have a 2008 Subaru Forester with 70,000+ miles. We live in Wi and so just this week have not been turning on the heater. But, the heat won’t turn off, no matter the setting, even w/ the A/C engaged, it blows hot air. Any ideas??

The most likely reason is that the connection between the temperature adjustment control on the dashboard and the heater core is broken.

This could simply be a case of a detached cable or a broken lever behind the dashboard if the controls are mechanical, or it could be an expensive electronic repair if the car has automatic climate control. Which type of system do you have?

we have the climate control system. that is what my husband is afraid of, he’s not sure he wants to tear about the dash…

I think that your best course of action is to take it to the dealer. An independent mechanic may not have the expertise to work on an automatic climate control system.