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Pricing car to sell FSBO

I have decided to sell my beloved VW and, as fate would have it, I just put a significant amount of money into it! I have checked out KBB and gotten a price for a private party sale in “Excellent” condition (which it is), but I am wondering if can legitimately ask for more given the recent investment in repairs? I know it won’t be dollar-for-dollar match, but maybe half…? I put in $2600 for new starter, front brakes and a catalytic converter.

Some info:
-VW Golf 2001
-under 100K miles
-timing belt changed already
-regular oil changes at 5K
-newish tires with lots of life left
-very well maintained!!
-mechanics usually VW specialists (when possible)
-car is in great shape all around (interior/exterior)

Any thoughts on an acceptable pricing strategy for this car? Honestly, whoever buys it is only going to have to do the regular maintenance/tune up at ~100K (in 3K miles or so), and then oil changes and gas for a while. I have already done their future repairs - silly me!

You can ask anything you like, including the timing belt and expense for maintenance done vs one for a similar price where it was not done is certainly a factor for consideration by a smart buyer. If looking my question would be why was the catalytic converter replaced, and what were the causes of it’s failure, and have they been addressed.

As said, you can ask whatever makes you happy. Be prepared to wait for a while. If you can afford not to sell the car for a while, then do it. I have done this once with a car that I was driving daily.

You have to realize, as a buyer, I am looking at a 15 year old car with close to 100 K miles that is starting to cost a lot for the owner and he wants to offload it :slight_smile: Now I know that might come across as a bit harsh, but there is always two sides to the story.

The car is worth $2500…You can try and get $3000 but it won’t be easy…On the bright side, $2-$3K cars usually sell pretty quick in today’s market…

Thanks, both! Good points all around and I don’t disagree. This is an older car getting up in miles and the reason I’m selling is I don’t drive it enough to justify the annual expense for me. It makes the per mile cost very high!! My question is really about whether there is some hard-and-fast rule about asking more than KBB and whether anyone will take me seriously if I do. I know it may take a little longer and I will expect lower offers, but within reason, I want to get as much as I can given the repairs done. I (subjectively) think this car is awesome and would be a great deal for someone! I had my VW mechanic check it out to let me know if anything else needed fixing and he said this car is in great shape and there is nothing to do now but what I said above re: 100k service, gas and oil.

KBB is just a guide; look at autotrader, craigslist and cargurus and see what similar cars are listed for and also try to adjust for condition etc. This way you try and “shop” for your own car and see what deals you get. I usually give a few hundred off the price to sell fast because time is also valuable. You have to be good at screening low-balers and tire kickers too.

You likely can get something around the clean condition price, but your recent fixes might get you as much as a car in excellent condition. Remember that excellent means it is as good as it gets with no reconditioning needed. This would include nearly new tires, all fluids changed, including coolant, nearly new brakes, an interior with no blemishes and an exterior with no blemishes.