Pricing a used car

There are a few minor body scuffs on my 2004 Civic Hybrid. It runs fine, so I’d be inclined to price it based on Kelley’s “good” designator, but how much should I mark it down for the dings? There’s some scuffed paint on one fender, scratches on the bumpers, and a couple of minor dents from a sideswipe (no scratches from the sideswipe - just some minor denting).

Negotiating Room

I would price it without allowing for scuffs and scratches. They mean more to some people, less to others. Some people would expect a few as normal wear and tear on a 4 to 5 year-old car. That is one reason you are calling it “good” as opposed to “excellent.” You can mention that the car would be “excellent” without the minor rash and you would have priced it higher.

Depending on how soon you want to sell, how many inquiries you get, and whether or not you get a serious “qualified” (has money) buyer, you can always let the individual make an offer. At that point you can knock a little off the price if the person points out blemishes and is concerned. This sweetens the deal and makes the person think they are being shrewd and getting a good buy.

Have a “bottom line” figure in mind that you will not go below, but don’t offer that information unless the offer is at or below this secret amount. Refuse to sell at a lower price. Be prepared to accept the fact that this may kill that particular deal. You will have to decide how many fish are in your sea.