Price of a new mini

I wanted to buy a new mini cooper but I refuse to pay full list for something that depreciates is the dealer just playing hardball or is this a fact

If you don’t want to pay full list…then DON’T. Figure out a price you’re willing to pay and stick with it. Look on-line (google) and find what the dealer actually pays for the vehicle…Add $500. I think $500 is fair for both.

Time to widen your survey of dealers. Also consider a one or two year old used, if quick depreciation is an issue with your purchase. On the other hand, sometimes the market demand drives the demand to require a full price offer.

I looked on They say that Mini’s are getting MSRP - no discount. At least in my zip code. See if it’s the same for your zip.

The dealer can do whatever they want. Some dealers negotiate more others can stand their ground.

Make your a final offer(or slightly less) and leave your name/number and let them mull it over. The car is relatively high demand and there are few dealers for it. The good thing is that the depreciation is low compared to nearly all it peers.

Minis retain a high resale value and that is why they don’t discount them.

Some cars when they were first introduced were selling ABOVE MSRP. The Miata, Mini…and I have no idea why…but the PT Cruiser.

Most of the time if you want to play you gotta pay. If you cannot deal with paying full price for a depreciating asset (which most everything is these days) you may want to see if there are any off lease or program cars available. Otherwise pony up with the money or stick with what you have.

in england minis always sell for full list price because the dealers can sell every one made immediately!!so they wont discount,but minis in the uk hold their value better than any other car at around 70 % after 3 years/36,000 much would you pay in the usa for a new mini cooper? in england they cost ?13,600,thats about $26,000 at our exchange rates!! and air conditioning is extra!!

Where I live, you will pay full MSRP for a new one or very close to it for a really nice used one. As long as they are in such high demand, I wouldn’t think the dealer would be interested in taking less when he doesn’t have to. As someone else mentioned, it was the same with Miatas and some others when they came out. If you can sell all you can get at full price, where’s the incentive to take less?

I remember when the new Mini was first introduced in the US BMW had all the dealers contracted not to sell new ones over MSRP. The dealers quickly figured out selling them to individuals who would immediately trade them in at another dealer who then sold it for more than MSRP as a used car. You couldn’t actually buy one for MSRP unless you were on the waiting list, and mysteriously the people on the waiting list all seemed to immediately want to trade their car . . .

Anyway, good luck finding a Mini for less than MSRP. You are free to offer a dealer any amount you like. The dealer is free to say no.