Previous Auto Zone rewards program details

Does anyone have the previous Auto Zone rewards program terms/conditions? Perhaps from 2014?

They changed the rewards again and I lost all of mine.

This is why I don’t like …’‘rewards’’, ‘‘miles’’, ‘‘points’’ etc …whether it be credit cards, grocery stores, gas stations, what have you.
Too many times…like this instance of saving them for a while…you get stung by time limits or rule changes.
just give me a lower price or a lower interest rate !

For me, I would call my local Zone and talk to my commercial manager, Sarena.

+++@ken green. Why must I jump through hoops to get my money’s worth? It’s aggravating to deal with such gimmicks so I just tell store clerks to skip the sales pitch and ring me up. Many must finish reciting the script though.

Luckily , by speaking to just the right people, I was able to get the best deal at a company called New Pig from whom I buy absorbents and saftey gear.
Their catalog has quantity price breaks like 1-3, 3-7, 7+ with the lowest price for buying more at one time…
Well, I don’t have the space to store more than three rolls of absorbent mat or threee cases of nitrile gloves etc…but over the course of a year ? we’re talking quantity.
guess what ?
They gave me a price point… better…than the lowest in the catalog.

Doesn’t hurt to ask.

I haven’t used AZ Rewards in quite a while. The last time was 20 bucks back on each 100 spent which wasn’t too bad. What’s going on with them now; arrogance based on almost 700 bucks a share on the stock exchange?

AZ must be the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

This link is quite informative

the Pay-on-Scan system dumps most of the inventory costs on vendors. More and more gimmicks while cutting inventory. What a great idea.

I am pleased to report :

I called the number on the FAQ on autozonerewards dot com and the intelligent phone operator (meaning : a human being who can have an intelligent conversation!) restored my credits. However, their program rules apply in full force now, so I think this is a one of those grace periods.

I’ll report back to share if the brick-and-mortar store honors the credits.

I really thought this was going to be miserable, but it took less than 15 minutes.

OFF-TOPIC: can I post phone numbers like from the aforementioned website?

NO Posting numbers will be flagged as SPAM.

The latest Advance Auto Parts commercials in my area make fun of the Autozone rewards program. I prefer Autozone over Advance though but I never use rewards programs or even coupons. That’s my wife’s department. I do use the Kroger fuel points card when I buy gasoline though.

@Rod Knox Thanks for the link on the AZ story as that is an interesting read. I have to wonder if those stratospheric stock prices and business model will rear up one of these days and leave a lot of people from employees to vendors holding empty bags while some at the top bail out with a fortune when the stock price does a Radio Shack number.

Stock shooting from a 100 a share to almost 700 in 5 years surely can’t be because of selection and customer service.
Must be a whale of a future market for exhaust tips and stick-ons or someone is juggling countless millions behind the scenes…

Stratospheric stock prices seem to be the first priority of corporate America these days. Many of us here are somewhat familiar with the automobile after market and might recognize the facade of gimmicks and scripted song and dance from the counter person is covering for less adequate inventories of high end hard parts which are the basis for the existance of McParts stores. It’s been many years since A-Z and Advance offered drum and rotor turning. Maybe the chrome exhaust tips and cell phone chargers make up for that.

With liquidity so cheap the most profitable move for many corporations is buying back their stock to pump the market. I’m glad what little money I have is under my mattress.

There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with re-buying stock–more efficient than a dividend–and if AZ has sufficient “sway” to force their creative accounting practices on vendors, more power to 'em.

Rebuying stock with your bounty is one hell of a lot smarter than the “di-worse-ification” craze of the late 70s, when it was thought that being a good business man meant you could profitably sell both motorcycles and, say, bowling equipment…

Rebuying stock is more efficient to boost the CEO stock options.

Please note that the Jeff Matthews link is almost ten years old. What has happened with AutoZone stock in the last ten years? It’s gone from the mid 80s to right at 700. It’s those share holders that the CEO and CFO have to keep happy. I imagine most of them are.

Google AZO stock.