Preventive Maintenance

I have a 1996 Acura Integra with manual transmission. The car has 110K miles on it. The body does not have a spot of rust on it & mechanically it is in perfect condition. So why am I writing? I live in NJ for half the year & the other half I spend in Florida. When I travel to FL from NJ or to NJ from FL I usually do so by taking the Auto Train. Because the car is 17 yrs old &
has 110K miles on it I am always fearful of a breakdown while I am on my way to the Auto Train Station because the financial consequences of missing the train and also having to spend a night or more in a motel would be very high.

Consequently, I would like to undertake preventive maintenance. The only things that I can think of to replace at this point are the starter & the alternator. My mechanic says that I do not have to replace the ignition module. Can anyone comment on this please. Thanx

I’m a afraid I don’t follow

You would like to replace the starter and alternator because they are old, and you need the car to stay reliable?

I would not recommend replacing those parts if they are still working correctly

Here’s a thought

If you are really concerned about the car, why don’t you bring the car to a reputable and competent shop and tell them you’re thinking of buying it? Ask them to thoroughly check it out.

I wouldn’t bother with the starter or alternator. At only 110k miles these should have plenty of life left.

I would just keep it tuned up with new rotor, distributor cap, spark plug wires and plugs. Also be sure to have the timing belt changed at recommended intervals. Have the cooling system flushed and the coolant replaced every two years. Replace the battery every 5 years.

As for making the auto train on time: join AAA, and plan to get to the train 1-2 hours early. That way if you get a flat tire or have some minor breakdown, youhave time to call AAA and still get to the train on time.