Prevention of fogged glass when sleeping in car?

I’ve found myself getting comfortable in my six month old Honda Element SC at my girlfriend’s college, but it seems as though even if i have the pop-out windows open, the windows will all fog up. It wouldn’t be a concern of mine if it kept off the windshield, but when I go to start driving in the morning it takes a few minutes of defrosting to see where i’m going!

Any thoughts?

THREE WORDS ; Girlfriend, College, Duh!

That’s causing it, not preventing it!

Try running your AC. Sometimes you have to wait for the moisture to clear before you drive. One of my cars is that way, and it just takes time.

That’s what I end up having to do in the mornings. Someone on the Element forum recommended I try the Rain-X Anti Fog solution, but I have to test it on a scrap piece of window tint first before I go applying it to my windows (as they’re all tinted, even the windshield).

That’s what he meant.

Imagine going through life never having fogged up a car window?

I can’t even imagine it!

You have a 200+/- pound heat and humidity generator in the car. Every time you breath, you add more humidity. Even of you don’t millions of pores on your body’s largest organ (your SKIN, wiseguy) are constantly regulating your body’s temperature by expiring moisture to be disspated into the air as sweat, carrying heat with it.

Unless you have a system such as AC to deal with all that moisture, it’s gonna get foggy.

Surprisingly accurate on the weight guess! 195ish. Plus i’m not the only heat and humidity generator in there…

Then you need the optional super-duper high volume AC system.

Sounds like I need to get less frustrated with a foggy windshield!

It Sounds Like A Case Of He’n And She’n!

Try doing whatever it was that steamed everything up in the evening, about half an hour before driving again in the morning. It will either defog things or you won’t care.

You should be happy that you have opportunities to fog the windshield. There are millions of lonely people out there who don’t!

All this joking aside ( quite funny though :):).They sell a little fan that mounts in the inch or two gap when you first roll down the window ( auto cool solar car fan ). It’s marketed to those who don’t want heat build up in their cars on hot days but I can see it as an option for you.

How about noseplugs and a snorkel to the outside?
you may have to find a guypal of another girl in the dorm to stay with.

I’d rather keep my privacy some times than shack up with a bunch of other guys.

But I like the snorkel idea. Good thinking. Maybe a dryer duct with a mouthpiece?

Yea…but every Dad PRAYS that their daughter never fogs up a window.

That’s very true–One of the reasons I don’t want a daughter!

It’s a don’t ask don’t tell policy. My daughter is 22 now…I don’t want to ask her if she ever fogged up a window…and I don’t want her to tell me. There are some things a father just does NOT want to know.

My eldest daughter said she had fogged up windshilds. My youngest daughter said she had not. I believed them both.