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anyone got any good ideas on keeping fog off inside of windshield try rainx window fog for inside did not work.

The fog is probably caused by a leaking heater core. Putting rainx on the windows is treating the symptom, you need to tackle the root cause of the problem, eliminate the source of the water causing the fog (condensation) on the window

Yeah cut down the humidity inside the car. Snow, wet, air conditioner not working above 30 degrees, etc. Reminds me, I never used Rainex before but bought some to try on the shower door but forgot all about it.

If your AC doesn’t work, then defogger air is not dehumidified and might even contribute to extra fog.

There is lttle you can do other turn the air on full bore and the heat and defroster on high. The inside of the vehicle, carpet esp should be dry.
Use Rainex only on outside.

If you windows are fogging and your heater core is not leaking ( no sweet smelling oily film on inside of windshield ), turn the recirculate button off.

Try shaving cream, it prevents bathroom mirrors from fogging up.

Sticks of white school chalk.

New 06 Ford Escape hybrid. First two winters had the same problem.
Key word …‘winter’.
Snow brought in on shoes was staying there.
Recirc off.
windows open a tad and run heater fan on high.
Still occurred.

Six sticks of school chalk place in various places like door pockets, glove box, console, and under seats stopped the issue and it has not re-occured even with snowy shoes melting on the floor mats.

If chalk works, I wonder if a couple boxes of baking soda would work? Its pretty cheap.

Anything hygroscopic will act as a desiccant, but the real solution is to fix the source of the moisture.

I think baking soda would just turn to a brick…but it might still keep absorbing…even as a brick.

Charcoal briquettes work good to absorb that extra moisture. I keep at least one in every drawer of my tool boxes…especially ones where precision tools are kept. It’s an old trick my dear old dad always did.

I use RainX on the outside too and as far as the bathroom goes. We have hard water and after cleaning the fiberglass "Tub Surround, I always wipe the surround and the doors down with RainX. It allows the water to bead and run down…so I don’t have to do the big job so often. Just like waxing…wipe on…wipe off… as the master said.


Holy cow, we gotta spammer big time. I don’t even dare click on them to report it.

If he’s promoting something, the illiterate, run-on sentence with no capitalization or punctuation, written like a text message on Meth, really fills me with confidence in his endorsement.

When I run across someone with window fogging problems, often it’s traceable back to a phobia around even the slightest trace of exhaust gases, leading them to drive with the recirc on. All that stale exhaled breath causes the humidity to skyrocket; once it exceeds the dewpoint of the windshield glass, fog forms.

So, I would advise OP to get over their phobia, start running on outside air, and watch the fog problem clear up (pun intended). If that proves insufficient, crack a window. If THAT is still insufficient…then yeah, there’s probably a heater core leak.