President's limo doing 70 MPH in reverse and on curves

The most obvious (to me) CGI artifact is the smoke from the tires.
Especially at the end after the car stops.
Real smoke doesn’t clear away like that.

QThe video, real or fake, clear shows a RWD vehicle. Watch initial start, tire smoke from rear wheels, front tire smoke is from drifting…

Ah. So all they did was replace one of the car models with a limo model, turned the visual part of the model backwards, and then drove around the course.

The graphics are really impressive. Notice in the background there are even fans waving flags, and smoke from a trackside food stand rising through the trees. That’s really high detail for the racing genre.

When I was a kid, I thought this racing game was beyond awesome:

it’s amazing how far we’ve come.

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The limo video is crude compared to the latest games. If you can watch this in full screen, you’ll be impressed:

Indeed I am! I wonder what the driving physics are like. When I stopped buying racing games, the trend was moving away from realism and toward arcade-style physics, with impossible levels of grip, the ability to bounce off a wall at 200+mph and keep going, etc.

I think Momo was a type of WWII Japanese destroyer.

In the early 1990s our local Ford dealer held a NASCAR weekend event. One attraction was a “NASCAR Race simulator”. So I stand in line for 45 minutes finally get my turn, it was a simple arcade game mounted where the instrument cluster would be…very disappointed.

Yeah I remember that thing. They had it at the State Fair one year. Had something like 10 of the cars on a tiny little fake race track, giving you the impression you were racing against other people. Not true. It was just a little monitor in the windshield running the same crappy NASCAR racing “simulator” software I had on my home PC. The steering wheel didn’t even have force-feedback, so I had a better experience at home than at the fair, and I didn’t have to wait in line for an hour. What a joke.

My youngest has Xbox and when he’s home I’ve walked by his room several times and I had to take a double take at the screen to see if it was real or CGI. CGI is getting way too real. Even the sports games like Madden Football - from a distance looks real.

Well, no luck on finding what momo means. Or, rather I found so many meanings in so many languages, and not one of them effective as a personal insult. Maybe it is slang formed since I moved south of the border?

I went to my 1970’s dictionary, printed before the English language was officially stupidized. It said Momos was a fault finder or carping critic. The members I call the “usual suspects.”

My favorite, though, was a site momosport, involved a lot of eye candy and race cars. Scope it out. Of course, I trust you to look at the race cars and ignore the eye candy. :smiley:

I figure I am a thousand times more likely to need reverse-and-spin than the presidential drivers. I don’t have a squadron of highly armed cops with motorcycles, nor an armed car, nor an armored car capable of surviving all save a direct nuclear strike. Also, I have no air support.

There is just me and no guns, alas. So, it is conceivable bad guys would try to run me off the road and rob me.

A few weeks ago, a friend told me that someone he knew was driving here from the state prison in the night, and encountered big rocks on the highway, clearly put there to stop him to be robbed. He was driving an Old Beetle, and floored it, running over a large rock. He limped home, for sure, but he did get away. And, the car was fixable. Since it is assumed the thugs were behind where they thought he’d stop, reverse-and-spin would have worked perfectly. Spin it and mow them down on the way out.

I don’t buy many books. But, last year I read about a book for sale (don’t buy it) written by a former CIA agent, how to keep yourself and your family safe. SPY SECRETS THAT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE, by Jason Hanson. I thought I’d get the latest and greatest.

After reading it, I realized I already did everything he said, which mostly involves being aware and being ready. My years on the streets in Mexico City taught me how to be safe. In fact, the reverse-and-spin was the only thing in the book that I didn’t already know. I can’t practice it because a Sienna isn’t designed for spins, so I have to trust my luck if I ever need it.

By the way, in the 50’s my brother had a 1947 Ford, and he used to back up at around 30 mph, in our farm lane. It was 1/4 mile long, with a number of curves in it, and for kicks, he’d drive out to get the mail, and run backwards with that motor screaming. It certainly impressed me. I’m not sure the motor liked it, though. That was the old Ford, started out gray, and he brush painted it red.

“Momo.” Internet slang. “Annoying idiot.”

Message was for Andrew kennedy,
“Video looked pretty fake looking to me.”

After I had posted
"Comment on the youtube video website
"Not real, video game called Forza Motorsport 6.""

Just got done with a frustrating car purchase, took 2 days to work through a fraud alert, perhaps a little grumpy

Truly, @barkydog, I couldn’t tell whether you meant grumpiness or not. Lots of comments going above. Glad you’ve resolved the problem.

“Mema” = eddo slang for my grandmother. Who would backhand me for calling anyone a ‘momo’

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The presidential limo drivers have long been known to receive intensive training in extreme extrication maneuvers with specially prepared cars that replicate the presidential limo in power and handling, and the presidential limo is designed for extreme extrication maneuvers. Exactly what they’re trained in is top secret, but it’s known to be extreme. It would not surprise me to discover that this is a video of some of that training.

The sound effects chosen for this video game clip are that of a 10,000 RPM engine and it is bouncing off the rev limiter at times, entertainment.

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As a photographer, I questioned the shot cuts where the camera traveled down the guard rails for tens of yards and then lifted up. Could be done with a standard studio crane and dollying, or by a drone, but none of these were visible around the track. Too dangerous for a live crew. Some things just did not “look” right. The brain can be fooled, but not always. So it do not work for me…

Still, better CGI than I could do.