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Premium Octane.....engine jerks. help

I just recently brought my 2006 subaru outback (v6) to the shop. The men, whom I’ve know and trust, told me there’s too much carbon in the engine - it’s got 80k on it - and that I should use Super the next two times I fill the tank. I went to an Irving station and put in Premium Octane. I only put in 3 gallons, and now the gas jerks upon pressing the gas.
The check engine light came on, the SPORTS light is blinking fast and the CRUISE light is blinking as well. It sounds bad and when I put it in/out of park, I hear a little bit of grinding.

Is this common for putting in new higher quality gas? Am I destroying something?? Should I not have put in premium?

Premium gas will not cause those problems. You have something else going on. Your shop should be able to figure this out.

You’ve Got Some Other Things Going On Besides A Little Increase In Octane.
Anyhow, Does The Manufacturer Recommend Or Require Premium Or Talk Only Of Regular In The Owner’s Manual ?