Prelude owners?

I’m considering replacing my old Accord with one of these (97 and up) and just wanted to get some first hand accounts on reliability, performance, gas mileage, etc. Thanks.

The Prelude was one of the better cars made. I knew several happy owners, who reported trouble-free and inexpensive operation.

This car does not have a lot of inside room, so it is great for single or newly married types. Strangely, in Europe, it became known as a car for rich ladies, since Europeans did not consider it “manly” and sporty enough to buy. When I mentioned to some of my European friends that this was an excellent car, and light years better than a British Ford, all I got was a shrug! European male drivers to this day do not care about reliability and long life.

Yes, Honda enjoys a reputation in England similar to, say, Buick here-- very much for the grey-hair set.

The Prelude’s pretty similar to the other Honda models mechanically so if you don’t mind it being somewhat more cramped than a newer Accord it’ll be fine. The newer ones are actually probably pretty close space-wise to the older Accords. The Prelude is a model that attracts a crowd that can be rough on cars, so I’d be extra sure to get any used example thoroughly checked out by a trusted mechanic.