Pre-ride maintenance for a used 2005 Chrysler Sebring

we are planning to buy this car with 93k miles. it is palm springs and we live in az. it is a v6 and my ram teck said it has a timing chain vs belt. besides fluids what would you suggest to prep for the return drive. don thx

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Given the Sebring’s spotty reliability record, and poor durability and quality, I suggest you don’t buy it at all.

If you must, have it checked out by a reputable mechanic in AZ before you buy it. He will check the AC and the cooling system as well as other systems to make sure you will get to Palm Springs OR he will tell you to Run, Forest, Run! back to the airport without the car. Best money you will ever spend.


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at least it wont die due to rust issues in ariz/springs. or has chrysler figured out how to make cars rust in ariz?

I don’t know if this model/year used the 2.7L engine but think it might have. If so, don’t bother to have it inspected. Buy it for scrap value only. Drive it until the engine blows or locks up which usually happens by 100k, then resell it to a scrap yard and get your money back.

The 2.7L is probably one of the WORST ENGINES IN MODERN HISTORY! I have known several people with this engine and they took reasonably decent care of their car. They all failed and only one made it past 100k.

It looks like this does use the 2.7L but many of the worst problems were worked out by the 2005 model. My friends all had the older models right in the peak of the worst 2.7L engine failures.

I would still avoid this car and buy pretty much anything else that looks decent for the same money.