Pre-owned range rover question


That’s fine

You and I are entitled to our own opinions

@db4690, just to throw a little gas on the fire, check this top ten complaints list:

No GM brand is on it, but Nissan is #5.


That’s interesting

But I’m sticking to my opinion

@db4690, no problem. I can’t stand Ford because I had lots of problems with the 3 Ford products I’ve owned. But many have had great success with Ford. @FoDaddy and his family swear by them, and I’m sure it’s in part because of the reliability they’ve experienced. I can’t say anything about Nissan except they (dealer) sold me a wonderful 2010 Chevy Cobalt that my daughter loves. Great price, too.

Had 4 Nissan trucks and a great dealer-best vehicles I’ve ever owned-Kevin

See what I mean?

@jtsanders It’s true, I’m Ford guy and my family largely by Fords as well, but we’ve had some lemons. My dad’s company provided him with a company car, every 3 years or 100k miles (whichever can first) Ever since dad got an 88 Caravan for his company car, he’d been hooked on front wheel drive minivans. So when Ford came out with the Windstar, he was ecstatic, He got #267 off the line of the first batch. Thinks were good for the first 7 months or so, and Dad was so pleased with the Windstar that he bought another 1995 for mom to tote my brother and his friends around. Then things started going down hill pretty quickly. Dad’s Windstar lost the transmission at the 36k mile mark, and the blew a head gasket at around the 67k mark. Mom’s Windstar through the course of 120k miles, lost a transmission, a catalytic converter, and blew head gaskets on two different occasions, before it was hauled off to the junkyard . Then dad got a 1998 Windstar from his company, this one lost a transmission and the head gaskets blow, of course dad had to get another one, the 2001 had a transmission failure, but no head gasket failure. and finally he got a 2003 Windstar which made it through it’s tour of duty without incident. When it came time to replace the 2003 Windstar, Dad’s company was tired of footing the bill for transmission rebuilds and head gasket repairs, so they started giving everyone Honda Odysseys and Toyota Siennas. Dad ended up with a 2006 Odyssey which was absolutely bulletproof and did everything better than the Windstar. After the Odyssey, dad retired and bought himself a 2011 Taurus SHO, which he enjoys immensely.

Sorry for being so long winded, but the point is every car company makes lemons, We are still a Ford family, but you won’t catch any of us looking at Windstars. Due to past experiences with them. One of my pet peeves that people will get a lemon from a particular make and then swear off the manufacturers entire lineup. Like someone buy a Chevy Aveo, finds out it’s not a very good car (or even a real chevy for that matter) and then swears off Chevrolet forever, even though they make many cars that are much better than the Aveo.

We own 3 now. IMO, if I have a choice of a GM vehicle that is 2 or 3 years newer and the same price as a Toyota or Honda, I'll make out in the long run.

Last GM vehicle I owned I only had it a little over 100k miles. I put more money in that vehicle then my 2 Pathfinders with over 300k miles and my current 4runner with now over 230k miles…COMBINED. I’m not going to trust GM for building a good vehicle for a long long time. I work too hard to waste my money. I’ll stick with what I has been PROVEN to work.

Xtara - is a good reliable vehicle. But it’s not the same vehicle as the 4runner. The equivalent Nissan vehicle to the 4runner is the Pathfinder. The XTara shares the same engine and drive-train as the Pathfinder, but the suspension is completely different. More truck like ride…but it’s still decent.

Chevy Traverse is a cross-over vehicle. I really wouldn’t compare it to a 4runner or Pathfinder. The Traverse is AWD or FWD. It is NOT 4wd…and has limited towing. The Traverse is more in line with the Nissan Murano.

""well optioned 2007 LT with about 75,000 miles will be under $20,000 from a dealer. A private sale should be around $17,000 - “”

Jtsanders… I cannot find a single Tahoe in dallas market with those specifics

@Aamert we can’t very well say what cars go for in your area.

@FoDaddy, one of the 3 Fords I owned was a 1996 Windstar. It was fine until the CEL illuminated. The dealer said it was carbon clogging the EGR ports. They cleaned them, and the problem came back in a couple of months. We went in circles until they recommended replacing the intake manifold. I asked how that would cure the problem if cleaning it was only temporary, and they had no answer. I nursed it until the emissions test came due, and then sold it to a dealer. If the Ford dealer had been better able to solve the problem, I might have kept it more than 80,000 miles.

@MikeInNH,I doubt that the OP needs an off-road truck. Now that I know it’s Dallas, 4WD or AWD is probably not needed. I’m sure that a Traverse or Highlander would be just fine.

@Aamert, what are they asking? Remember that the asking price is a starting point. You don’t have to pay it. Make an offer. Edmunds says that you can expect to find a 2007 2WD Tahoe LT with 80,000 miles for $17,000 at a Dallas dealer. Options include power seats, auto climate control, leather seats, and rear view camera.

I’ve never understood the allure of Range Rovers, especially used ones. They are unreliable, expensive to fix, handle like garbage, get poor mileage, and are usually underpowered for their size. Unless a person is so pretentious that they must have the Range Rover nameplate, a Jeep is just as capable and a lot easier to live with.