Powershift dirty laundry

Ford knew about design flaw months before production and swept the problem under the rug

Here’s an excerpt from one of the engineer’s email:
We also cannot achieve a driveable calibration that will get us to production. The clutch torque delivery MUST BE IMPROVED

I think Ford would still be selling the Fiesta and Focus if they had put good automatic transmissions in them from day one.

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That was a great read…

You sure this isn’t a Pinto hehash?

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

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It is insane…as if the “secret” memos wouldnt come out.

How are dual-clutch automatics working and lasting on other cars? Who besides VW and Ford has been using them? Is this one Getrag model the only troublesome one?

Hyundai has them on a few models. My wife’s 2012 Veloster has one. That was the first year for the Veloster, and for the DCT as far as I know. It’s got terrible programming (I understand they’ve improved it dramatically in later models) which makes it lurch in 1st gear sometimes, and sometimes it’s very slow off the line while it tries to figure out how to shift. It’s the only thing about that car that I dislike.

I said when she bought it that I’d be amazed if that thing made it to the end of the warranty period. Well, we’re about 2,000 miles away from that now, and it’s still going strong. I’m not sad to have been wrong, but I am surprised.

Thanks. Hyundai Kona is one car I am considering to replace my 1999 Honda Civic when the time comes. I also hear of some major engine problems with some Hyundais - not sure if Kona has one of those engines. Can yours be reprogrammed? Good luck beyond the 2,000 miles!

I live in southern China now and we have a Baojun 730. You can also find it in GMs website. Unlike the powershift, it has wet clutches that is likely to hurt fuel economy a bit. But it is smooth enough to pass as a regular automatic.

Like the powershift, Hyundai uses dry clutches that cannot tolerate slip like wet clutches. That’s why they have to engage asap and lurches like an inexperienced driver on lower gears

Also, note that car companies generally don’t make their own clutches; they buy them from suppliers such as BorgWarner(my car uses clutches from them), Getrag, Luk, ZF (I think they build Porsche’s PDK), etc.