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Power Windows will not Engage!

Ok I have a 1992 Ford Tempo with 83,000 Original Miles on it and one owner(yes I know rare!).

I need to fix 2 problems with the car. I cannot get the power windows to work on the drivers side and the rear passenger side. I can hear the motor clicking when i use the switch on the drivers side to go up or down but it does not move. On the other window it only clicks when pressing down/open. I have been told by 2 mechanics different stories. One says it is the regulator, the other says that model does not have regulators and it is the motor.

I am about to get some parts at a pick you pull that has the motor for $20 each window. I don’t want to get that if it is not what I need. Please help!

NOTE: that also I am having Intermittent Air Conditioning problems so when It does not work I start to roast here in Texas. But some BBQ sauce on me already I guess! (But I think I am fixing the AC problem it looks like a bad coil on the clutch)

**Also the switch that controls the windows will sometimes not work, I think there is a short or perhaps the switch needs replacing.

There is a regulator. That’s the mechanical component that the window glass is attached to, and what allows the window to operate up and down. The window motor is what operates the regulator.

If you hear clicking from the window motor, it probably means the motor is trying to work, but the window regulator is binding so the motor can’t move the window. On the other window where you only hear a click when attempting to open it probably means that regulator is also binding, and the switch for that window is no longer working for the close operation.

What you need to do is take the door panels off to get the regulators and motors. This way you can tell exactly what’s causing the problem, and what needs to be replaced. Sometimes when the door panel is removed, it’s found that the regulator bolts that mount it to the door have loosened up, and that’s what’s causing the regulator to bind.