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Power windows not working

I just installed new speakers in my car, turned my car on, and now my speakers work, but my power windows don’t. I checked the fuses and they are ok. I’m not sure what is wrong because, I have installed speakers in my car before (exactly the same way) and not had any electrical trouble. Any ideas?

Are these door speakers? Could you have nicked the wires there. Otherwise I will start from scratch. Is there power to the window motor with the switch on?

I will conclude we are dealing with a E-46 (1999-2004 why did you not give the year? they made a “325” for over 20 years,still do)most likely you have left the sensor wire in the rubber seal that detects a obstruction (like someones hand getting closed in the window) disconnected. With this sensor disconnected you will not have any power window function.

Sorry, it is a 1986 BMW 325. I wrote that last night when I was really tired, and I just forgot. Also, the speakers in question are rear speakers, not door speakers. I’ll pull the speakers out and check the connection, then get back to you.