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Power windows/Doors 1996 Honda Civic EX

The power windows on my 1996 Honda Civic EX are not working properly. First the driver’s side switch wouldn’t lower the front passenger window, then it would. Next, I couldn’t get it to lower the passenger left rear window. Then I pushed the switch for the passenger left rear window and the window opened, but wouldn’t close. I have intermittently had problems with the auto lock on the driver’s side not locking all 4 doors.

Does this sound like a master switch problem? Can a dealership diagnose this problem easily and if this is the problem, what is the usual price for a new master switch?

I also have a 1996 Honda Civic. The master door control worked intermittently. I tried a replacement control panel and still had problems. What mine turned out to be is the wire harness from the car to the door was a little to short. The wires had all been pulled out of their pins. I had to buy new pins at a local Honda shop pull my door off and solder more wire in and crimp on new pins. Now everything works fine. So when you open your door and see that black rubber cover you can squeeze it together and pull the black cover back. If you see bare wire or loose wires then you have the same problem. Keep in mind if you need to fix these wires you should disconnect your battery before starting and it helps to have the wire color layout for the connector. The connectors cost about $20 dollars and it took me about 2 hours. These are multilock pins and require a special crimper that is expensive - $300+ It might be easier to have a shop do it for you?