Power Window replacement issues

I have recently changed the power window motor and regulator in my Buick Regal (2000). When I plugged in all the wires, it wouldn’t work. When i checked the voltage with my multimeter on the power coming into the wires, the switch from the drivers side is showing 12v. From the passenger side it’s nil. But the window won’t even go up with the driver’s side switch when all connected. Could a faulty passenger switch cause the trouble? Or would it be something else? Thanks.

Just a wild guess. To clarify, there are two hot wires for each switch and the common ground. One of the wires should show voltage with the switch in the up position, and the other wire when the switch is in the down position. If you have power both up and down at the master on the drivers side but nothing on the passenger side, likely there is a broken wire somewhere. The most likely place is where the wire goes from the door to the body inside the rubber boot. So I’d confirm no power on either, then apply 12 volts directly to the motor to make sure that’s ok. Then you really need the wiring diagram and the wiring layout pictures in the body manual to trace the wire if you can’t find an obvious open. Get a long test wire though with clips on it and you can go right from the master switch to the passenger side and confirm its somewhere in between. I’m betting the rubber boot though. I’ve had one on my Olds for years for the door locks but haven’t opened it up yet.